Outdoors. Food. People.

Whether we are at your wedding, on a remote adventure, advocating your craft or making dinner…you will have an experience to remember forever.


Where we explore

What we eat

How we connect

Being in tune with the surroundings


Places shape who we are and how we live. The connection we have with our community and environment is so important. Protecting it is the best thing we can do.


Rain or Shine!


You don’t need a special day to celebrate people you love, although it is a bonus! From weddings and engagements to family or daily life, I capture the connections people share with one another. My style incorporates natural light, outdoor settings and organic moments to capture REAL memories. Come outside with me somewhere, get out of your comfort zone, and we’ll create images that make you smile forever!



Being conscious


Environmental awareness and health is interconnected. Understanding what is in season, , how to access it, ingredients, and the value our relationship to food is important. I’ve had the opportunity to meet farmers, learn about fresh produce and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Working with local communities and providing an understanding of what we consume is so important today.