In 2017, I received my Bachelors of Arts, with a focus in Photography from Portland State University. There, I worked in Outdoor Education with Portland State's Outdoor Program, where I discovered my deep passion for the environment. I also built relationships with international students and individuals from the LGBTQ community who taught me about different cultures, language, pronouns, sexual identities and orientations. As well as working for the Outdoor Program I worked for the school newspaper and was an assistant wedding photographer. In addition to these projects, I  also worked in the service industry of downtown Portland. Working in restaurants and seeing first hand our relationship to food and food waste gave me a perspective that forever changed my path. Although my experiences and jobs were diverse throughout college, I realized that my passion lies in community, sustainability and education.

Currently, I harvest on a farm, work for farmers markets, do landscaping and also manage to continue my freelance photography. Working in more labor intensive environments, I gained an appreciation for the individuals that have fed and built our communities. Seeing first hand the amount of emotional and physical labor it takes to sustain even a small neighborhood has taught me the power of human relationships. Through my photographs, I want to show our common experience, our vulnerabilities and our truth. Photography captures a time, a feeling, a people, and a place.