Moving as a small town girl in Alaska to Portland, Oregon, I was very unsure about where life would take me. I dove into full time work and started my journey through school. During those years, I worked in various settings and met people that welcomed me into their vibrant community. These experiences shaped me into who I am today. 

In 2017, I received my Bachelors of Arts, with a minor in Photography from Portland State University. There, I worked in Outdoor Education with Portland State's Outdoor Program. I worked in restaurant industry, for the school newspaper, was an assistant wedding photographer and an outdoor guide. In the restaurant industry I acquired an appreciation for food and craft as well as experienced seeing extreme food waste. In the Outdoor Program, I discovered my passion for education, outdoor recreation, sustainability, and the environment. There, I was also exposed to international students and individuals from LGBTQ community which taught me about different cultures, language, pronouns, sexual identities and orientation.

Currently, I harvest on a farm, work for farmers markets, do the occasional landscaping and also manage to continue my freelance photography. Working in more labor intensive environments, I gained more appreciation for the the many of individuals that have fed and built this country. These experiences make me strive to be apart of communities that are involved with and value education, diversity, equality, the health of our environment and people. I love being outside, spontaneous trips, getting my hands dirty, dancing, learning, cooking, being around kids, having discussions beyond small talk and exchanging stories with people. 

 I want to share with you, stories about agriculture, sustainability, the importance of our sweet mother nature, of our families and our connections. Not only want to share my story, but I want to help share others as well. To bridge the gap, to share how we have more in common then differences. How we can celebrate these differences, challenge one another, respect each others  cultures, that we can connect with one another even if we don’t speak the same language. Currently we are going through major shifts and controversial issues both globally as well as locally. Things that effect each one of us politically, socially, economically, and environmentally. If I can influence one person, share one story that helps give another perspective in a positive way…I believe I have done my job.