The Journey

During my time working in Outdoor Education, my passion for the outdoors and photography transitioned smoothly. Working with students in breathless landscapes gave me the ability to document it. This gave me a new perspective on our relationship with the outside world and our connections to each other. It was a pivotal point in my work that helped me discover my desire to protect the environment and creating change through imagery and story telling.


Trekking through the NORTH CASCADES

Twelve individuals, 30 miles through the woods, surrounded by glaciers and wildlife. A trip that transformed strangers into friends.


Backpacking to the Dunes


Snowshoeing Maxwell Butte

Winter camping presents its challenges, but the snow softens noise and it is silent. You can hear yourself think.

Sea Kayaking the Willamette River


Smith Rock State Park

Students climbing at Smith Rock for the first time. What an amazing experience in this huge historical park.