Outdoor Photography

During my outdoor guiding experience I started working my photography into the environment. Getting to capture moments of learning, laughs and landscapes made me realize the difference I can make with my images. It was a pivotal point of change. This is where I started my journey towards protecting our environment through images.


Backpacking through the Dunes

The Outdoor Program at Portland State University creates an inclusive, fun, and adventurous atmosphere with a diverse group of students while providing learning opportunities. It gives students leaders a chance to teach and lead groups out into the Pacific Northwest. From learning how to cook, pitch a tent, and understand the habitat, this program gave me a better understand of who I am as an outdoor educator and also as a photographer.


Theres nothing like being surrounded by glaciers, the river and forest with a group of fun folks! These students taught me about leadership, perspective and the importance of community. Connecting with the environment and getting outside of a comfort zone is something that I value most about outdoor education and traveling.


Sea kayaking the WILLAMETTE

Exploring with a group of co-leads how to execute a safe, inclusive, and a fun trip out on the water was one of my favorite trainings! We learned about reading the water, communication, and the history of Sea Kayaking!