A little intro…

In 2017, I received my Bachelors of Arts, with a focus in Photography from Portland State University. There, I worked in Outdoor Education with Portland State's Outdoor Program, where I discovered my deep passion for the environment. I also built relationships with international students and individuals from the LGBTQ community who taught me about different cultures, language, pronouns, sexual identities and orientations. While working in the Outdoor Program, I also worked for the school newspaper and as assistant wedding photographer.

Working in restaurants and seeing first hand our relationship to food also gave me a perspective that forever changed my path. Although my experiences and jobs were diverse throughout college, I realized that my passion lies in community, sustainability and education through my passion for photography and the outdoors.

Currently working as a freelance photographer, I explore all these aspects that are valuable to me. Working in more labor intensive environments, I gained an appreciation for the individuals that have fed and built our communities. Seeing first hand the amount of emotional and physical labor it takes to sustain even a small neighborhood has taught me the power of human relationships. 

Through my photographs, I want to show our common experience, our vulnerabilities and our truth. I believe that we have the ability to create more unity within our communities and I want to capture moments that empower each other and strive to challenge a norm. Photography captures a time, a feeling, a people, and a place. With that, I invite you to come with me on an adventure you won’t forget.