A little intro…

Although I grew up in the mountains of Alaska, it wasn’t until my work in outdoor education that I realized my passions for eduction, the environment, sustainability and the health of our communities. In 2017, I received my Bachelors of Arts, with a focus in Photography from Portland State University. There, I worked with Portland State's Outdoor Program. I built relationships with international students and individuals from the LGBTQ community who taught me about different cultures, language, pronouns, sexual identities and orientations. Mentoring students gave me the opportunities to consistently learn and grow with them which I find extremely motivating.


While working in the Outdoor Program, I was always doing side work in the food industry. Being surrounded by restaurants gave me more of an understanding about our relationship to food. This perspective forever changed my path. Through photography I want to explore and share stories to progress towards a healthier environment and our relationship with the food we eat.


Being a photographer gives me the ability to explore all of these aspects that are valuable to share with others. I’ve worked in labor intensive environments that first hand gave me more of an appreciation for individuals that have fed and built our communities. Seeing the amount of emotional and physical labor it takes to sustain even a small neighborhood has taught me the power of human relationships and their impacts.

I want to share our common experience, our vulnerabilities and our truth. I believe that we have the ability to create more unity within our communities. I want to capture moments that empower each other and to challenge the societal norms. Photography captures a time, a feeling, a people, and a place. With that, I invite you to come with me on an adventure to share stories, to build relationship and create moments.